• kamen1 5w

    I Love...

    Her sorrowful eyes tear into my soul
    Her quivering mouth melts my heart
    Her sudden appearance destroys my reasoning

    A girl in which I do not love is holstered to my side
    The girl I do love is broken in front of me
    How did it come to this?

    Was it because the one girl praised me more than the other?
    Gave me more attention to suit my fancy?
    Or was it the mere fact that I was scared to show my true feelings?

    My mind is writhing with indescsions
    I need to quickly make up my mind
    It should be an easy decision
    But for some reason my mind hesitates

    The girl I do not love is laughing
    Oblivious to my heart wrenching conflict
    The girl I do love is beginning to turn away
    I watch as a single tear drips elegantly onto the floor
    My mind is made up then and there
    I will pursue the one I love

    However not everything is as easy as it seems
    My body can't let go of her grasp
    My mind doesn't want to put in the effort
    I am hating myself for being this way
    But do not hate myself enough to change

    I watch the girl I love leave
    She does not even look back
    This causes a sharp pain in my heart
    In return I look to the girl beside me and say these three regretful words
    "I love you."

    With those words my fate is sealed with a sinful kiss
    What others think are tears of joy
    Are truthfully tears of regret