• deesire 5w

    The more i go on with my life, the more confusing it become. As a young adult i have to decide things that i do not know how to decide. Should i fight harder when things start to get rough? Or should i leave it because it is too hard? How those people who found the rainbow after a hard and long journey decided that they just have to keep on going? To fight for what they think is impossible? And ended up showing the rest of the world that it is somehow possible? How to decide the perfect time to stop digging the earth and searching fot the cave of gold instead? As a believer to signs, which signs should i believe in? Because everytime it feels alright, the signs are telling me to change course. Yet everytime it feels wrong, the signs are telling me otherwise. How do you know, that you know? How do you fight when you fight? How do you know when you have to fight the impossible, and leave the possible?