• danwthluv 10w


    I put my heart in a blue jar
    And forgot it there
    You came through like a wind
    And left in a flare
    The fire burning through
    The cracks of my heart
    Leaving a hasty brown
    Slowly falling apart
    It started beating rapidly
    Even when its in flames
    Cause all you know is fucking me up
    I am nothing to you, just a game
    Playing with me
    Like i am some toy
    Stealing my breath
    In a battle of joy
    Stuffing me with pain
    Like i am made to bear
    Crushing me like i am some teddy bear
    Still tolerate it
    Cause i know i have the strength in me
    My feet are still capable of running
    I dont need my time to shine
    Cause now i can clearly see
    I wouldnt be the last in line
    My confidence burning red
    Made the jar of another hue
    It finally fucking happened
    The thing i needed to do
    Left you just like you wanted me
    Tore you down so i could patch myself up
    Stood before you in a different aura
    You finally let me breathe
    The realization that i am worthy
    Came to me like leaves falling in summer
    Making me a little bit better
    The jar became a purple colour