• moinsiddiqui 5w

    Yes I Dare

    Easy to love and hard to let go
    You showed me how the right one can make you grow
    No, I ain’t pretending I am proud
    But I don’t want us to be one of those in the crowd
    No, I ain’t afraid and I dare
    But you think the world will ever care?

    Lost everything and was left only to gain
    I think your Love is cure to my endless pain
    Came as a ray of light I have always been searching for
    Look I am smiling like I have never been before

    The spaces between your fingers fits in mine like your hands are made just for me
    and with that smile on your face evertime when I hold it makes me believe it is meant to be
    So come here and stand right next to me
    Girl why don’t you understand you’re way more than perfect to me

    Doesn’t matter how we came together
    Hope we could make it till forever
    It’s scary to think of getting over
    Wish we’re not just like clouds passing one another.