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    I'm delighted for being the part of mirakee family in the initial days of its inception itself.
    And it's my sole responsibility to encourage my family members to do what is right ��

    The Gist is : " Write whatever you feel... but share Happiness alone.. "

    When you are sad.. turn to your parents.... there in lies the solution...

    Pls don't share anything else just because the readers can relate..�� it's the misconception that everybody's having....

    #SeekHappiness Coz there are myriad things to be happy ��

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    HUMBLE request

    There are Millions of writers on this planet.. and I'm proud of it.

    But the question is how different are you..?
    What have you been writing which is unique. ?
    Do you stand out among others..?
    Why are you writing .?

    These are the main and foremost questions we should be asking ourselves.

    The answer is quite certain.

    You gotta be different.
    You gotta be a pioneer in what u do.
    Your write ups must speak for you.

    They say words are mightier than the swords.
    It's unequivocally true that the wars are basically the aftermath of pathetic use of words.

    So.. why are we using words negatively..?
    Happiness is the single thing we all covet.
    So why negative subjects...?
    For whose amusement all these..?
    The reader is gonna be happier reading your negative subject...?
    Hell no...
    Then why...?
    Isn't it futile. ?

    It's true that penning down your deepest thoughts is a very big relief.
    I agree with it 100%.

    You Gonna let others to know about your bad experiences..?
    About break ups..?
    About your melancholy..?
    About your misery...?

    Let me feed you an undeniable fact.

    Penning down those sad memories can only increase it ten fold... trust me I've been there.
    U wanna feel sad every time you read your sad write ups...??

    No, right...

    Then why dwell on depressing thoughts and memories to write...?
    You feel good about writing sad ones..?

    If u do..... Holy mary mother of God.... Please keep it up... you'll be sad forever.

    Considering all these...
    I humbly request all of you to Please follow these principles from now on..

    Of all the subjects available please don't choose negative subjects,thoughts and memories to write.
    It spreads negative vibes around.

    I beg you.
    Please write positive ones.

    Let the reader smile reading your post.
    Let he be overwhelmed with joy.
    Let him appreciate you for bringing him bliss.
    Let he be motivated by your writings.

    After all... life is short.
    Please Spread happiness all around.

    We are writers,
    We should write for a change.
    Let's start the Movement.
    Please say no to negative subjects.

    Whatever it is... when you write positive thoughts... You feel positive...
    as simple as that...

    " You reap what you sow "

    You wanna be happy..?
    Please seek happiness then...