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    My mind plays you
    on an infinite loop.
    I cannot stop
    thinking about us.
    I cannot stop
    looking back at you.

    When you look at me
    with sweet yet blank eyes,
    I want to stop looking
    back at you with amorous
    & hopeful ones.
    When I hear your heart
    beating lovelessly,
    I want mine to
    stop instantly.
    Mine is loveless as well?
    Atleast for you.

    I want to stop
    telling lies in the hope
    that someday they will
    become my sole truth.
    I want to stop looking
    at the sky in the hope
    that a star might fall
    just to hear my wish.
    I want to stop asking for
    naive favours from 11:11.
    I want to stop trusting them.
    I want to stop trusting you.

    I agree I told you
    hurt has an
    uncanny comfort.
    But it kills me when
    it comes from you.
    It kills me that you
    misused my kindness.
    Mocked my love that's
    too selfless to ask for
    It kills me that it
    doesn't kills you too.

    I want to stop loving you,
    looking at you, seeking you vainly.
    But every 11:11,
    I wish for you.
    And with empty eyes
    Every morning
    again I look back at you.
    //I wish 11:11 never hears me//

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