• kikboimature 5w

    How to leave me

    1) remember that it’s going to be the worst thing i’ve ever been through, and i will cry for days at a time, blaming myself and wondering what i did wrong.

    2) tell me that you tried, and that you didn’t understand all of the promises you made to me when i begged you to never leave me.

    3) know that i never meant to act the ways i did, i didn’t know what i was doing.

    4) tell me that when you fell in love with me it was a simpler time, and that things have just been really hard lately.

    5) remember that you already have my entire heart and that when it breaks you’ll probably feel it too, but i won’t blame you when you hand it back to me and say you didn’t mean to do it.

    6) tell me that i taught you something about loving someone so much it hurts.

    7) know that i gave you everything i had and i hoped it was enough, but i don’t blame you for wanting more.

    8) tell me that you tried, that everything we planned was truly what you wanted, but we’ve grown up since then and plans change and it can’t be helped.

    9) hold me one last time before you go, so that i can go to sleep that night thinking about the warmth you brought into my life before you took it with you.