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    I tip my hat to you, One Legend to Another.

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    The Time Has Come_.

    I too, started this up, as an Underdog,
    Outrageous for being a failure,
    Broken to be a disgrace, I too dwelled on it,
    Like a tramp, a fuckin' vagabond, one of them,
    The mighty fame, all buried in the graveyard,
    Success wasn't made for me, to attain,
    To claim its existence, to dope its origin,
    All I ever wished, was faded, all swept away,
    It feels so bad, to lose it all, in a few of them,
    To be the self cause of Death, Decay and Sins,
    I'm all fucked up, there's no way out,
    All trapped by, to address this Dogma,
    My anger is on the peak, I'm tearing my flesh,
    From weeping tears to the draining gore,
    There's crimson in my vision, All Red,
    Yet, Black and Hollow, As deep as a tragedy,
    They don't know what to expect from me,
    As there's nothing left in the layers, It's done,
    The crust, The Mantle, The Core, The Council,
    Are all set, for the eradication, for the funeral,
    Black Suits, White Priests, alongside me,
    My Corpse, all decorated with the Dandelions,
    I'm all shovelled for Peace, surely for Chaos,
    They buried the dead, set free the soul,
    Call for the duty, is all terminated, I served it,
    Up along, for a quiet well time, I just did,
    My lifespan is out of the box, all beaten up,
    Defeated, Crushed, Stomped, Slayed,
    I can't see a reason, to stay, to stick,
    My time has come, Deparure is the only way,
    I'm slacked beneath the reality,
    All outcasted by the Truth,
    Truly divorced from the Lies,
    Firmly settled on my Roots,
    Greeted all of the Rituals,
    Now, If you can pardon me, for the voyage,
    I wanna see it through the edge of the Hope.
    Farewell, Mortals, I'm grateful to you,
    Thankful to have you, for your services.
    I hereby, bid you one last goodbye,
    Of Love, Of Humanity, Of Brotherhood.