• livingforhim 6w

    Broken boy

    The boy who felt
    Like a flower trying to grow
    In a bush full of thorns.
      Highschool is seen
    To be perfect, but no one
    sees the darkness beneath.

      They called him weak
    because he cried,
    but did they know that
    his sister died,
    that he lives in a home
    with broken parents
    and his family is shattered.

      And everyday
    he fades away
    slowly dying inside
    and losing hope.
    It doesn't help
    that at school
    they treat him like a fool.
    Being pushed,
    and used,
    he's finally tired
    of having hope.

      As he takes the knife
    and smiles in the mirror,
    a tear finally drops
    before he takes his own life...