• _timsonglee00 10w

    I wander,
    What were her dreams?
    What were her goals?
    What she wanted to be?
    And where she wanted to go?

    Yet now, no one will know
    Her secrets are gone
    Her passions are gone
    Her dreams will never come true
    And the world will forget her soon.

    A girl innocent and sweet
    Died not from the disease
    But was killed by her own kin.
    She was molested, raped, and murdered.
    By the person she thought was love ones.
    No kindness, no humanity was shown to her.
    And now no one will see her smiling.

    The world will weep together for this girl
    But soon they will rejoice together.
    And then we will hear
    New girl being raped
    A boy being molested .
    And then the world will weep for the death souls .

    Culprit will be jailed,
    But this will never end.
    Untill the world will stop breathing.
    Untill universe doesn't end.
    This things will go on forever.