• unrequited_till_infinity 10w

    Granny.. I still see you..

    I am weeping today..
    Unimaginably yet not aimlessly..
    I am broke today..
    Not that it is something new..
    But today the reason of my turmoil is..
    It is you..
    Today as I look at that moon.. I see you..
    You holding me in your hands..
    You wiping off my tears..
    You making me sleep in your lap..
    You giving me a shelter to silence my violence..
    You, who was the closest I had..
    And now.. poof..
    There's just a blank space with a thousands words yelling..
    Yelling to burst out..
    Yelling to say how much you love me..
    Yelling to say how you never wanted to leave me..
    Yelling to say.. How you still secretly take care of me..
    I know.. All these..
    All these would be a mere set of words..
    But walking like a blind in my faith..
    I believe.. You see me.. Everyday.. Every second..
    And when you read this..
    I want you to know..
    I love you..
    More than anyone could do..
    More than I could ever do to anyone else..
    And I still hold your memories like they are pieces of me..
    Pieces.. Leaving which..
    Will incomplete me..
    Make my existence unnecessary..
    So wherever you are..
    Smile at our love..
    Smile at what you had helped me go through..
    Smile at who we are today.. Together..
    Smile as we would relive them soon..