• pappaspaaru 30w

    A letter to mother

    Dear Amma,
    Thank you...for being a wonderful mother.
    It takes a toll on a mother to take care of a family and to be there when they need her.
    Like everyone, even you kept your family and their needs first.
    To have an idol and to have a role model like you is a beautiful thing 
    I complain, I whine but no matter what, you were there during my falls.
    I always looked upto you,always admired you,always observed you.
    The way you make a perfect cup of tea, a delicious meal,beautifully draped saree, analyzed decision making.
    Everyone says I look like you, I look like the  way you looked like years ago but I always doubted whether I have your qualities.
    And today I realized,that, I am you, I am like you.
    I am my mamma's girl.
    No Matter where I go and what I do I will always be your li'll girl
    Thank you are just two words that I use to express my gratitude for what you did but I know you deserve more.
    Forever your baby girl,
    Your daughter.