• teema_thewriter 6w

    The Beginning of the End

    We started off with hustles
    Yes, hustles
    Who knew one Monday morning at DLI would turn to more mornings like that
    Struggling to get to the hall before 8
    Saving seats for friends who would be late

    The Fsc courses that scared us to death
    The MIC classes or should I say 4hrs of note copying
    The CBG class of 7 am
    The practicals that never reflected in our grades

    The overnights at sciences, AKT, engineering
    The slides and past questions on exam mornings
    The tension in the exam hall
    The anticipation of results
    And having to resume more semesters of those,
    But let's not forget

    The drama and fights on the group chat
    "Obinna the WhatsApp warrior"
    The football bants
    The politics
    Swimming classes
    Birthday turn ups
    Football games
    Failed hookups
    Cute couples

    All through these we pulled through
    The hustle is over for MSB 19
    But continues for MSF
    But the memories will never seize to exist
    The love will be forever
    Because this is not a parting away
    It's a new beginning
    The beginning of the end