• countablyinfinite 5w

    Somewher deep down the valley
    my heart goes racing,
    dusky streets cheering me
    my waving friend blooms to spring,
    then my heart skips a beat
    when I see the line coming
    but the journey is never ending
    and so many lines yet to follow
    and awaiting so many tomorrows.
    The track ahead no more dusty
    though I am tired and thirsty
    but not retired to miss the sea,
    I witness much, no words or touch
    forget-me-nots just pass by
    I close my eyes but not sigh,
    my conflicts as they haunt me
    seeing I am losing to me.
    When the songs that come
    and reside in me
    and they lead the way
    and that I know
    they believe in me,
    when sore I grow
    when in my head
    are all the webs
    they make a room for happiness.
    Singing a song, moving on.
    The contours are unfamiliar
    when I realise, I've reached for real
    my eyes when trail the road
    replaying in my head,
    the road once travelled

    #writersnetwork #mirakee

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    Replaying in my head,
    the road once travelled .