• engineerwrites 5w

    Save Nature

    A old man in a city who plants a beautiful garden, there is a only green garden in the city, the home rental cost in the city was too high so the old man son was decided to destroy the garden and like to build apartments for making money.

    In the garden there was bee which loves with beautiful flowers, everyday the bee takes honey from the flowers and fulfill there hungriness, one day the old man’s lies on sick bed and he offer all his wealth into his son legally, after few days the old man died.

    After the death of the old man his son starts to destroy the garden for build apartments,asusually the bee come to the garden but no where beautiful flowers, Bee lost his love.


    Don’t cut trees if you can’t love the nature means who loves it?!

    All the creatures are depends upon the nature including you,

    Money may gives richness but nature gives you healthiness.

    You may cut trees for making money but you don’t know the value of nature and all other livings things, start planting for your better future..

    Save nature.