• sometimes 10w


    So I slept with so many thoughts in my mind.
    Whether she is fine or not ?
    She must have slept without blanket.
    Shall I call her again ? No, No she will woke up
    She must be alright. She has to be, for me :)
    Next Morning, It started with a planned video call(when everyone around :| )
    Both were on mute, except our feelings and sleepy eyes ;)
    It felt amazing when you can communicate without uttering a single word and they can understand you too.
    Her smile, gestures and expressions : Blissful.
    That was OMG, OMG !
    Oops! I can write a book on that ;)
    That spark, that connection, that emotion, was always there and will always be.
    Anything that will fade is 'Nothing'.