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    Always my King. Would someday make you happy about me❤️

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    Mother's Day.

    Right from waking me up early in the morning,
    To bathing me with all the little "water is too cold and water is too hot" moments,
    To drying my hair with your dryer and then also to rub it with your towel just so I couldn't catch a cold and then later on tying it up in two pony tails sometimes typing it up in a perfect half pony which stood up tall like a coconut tree. No I am not forgetting how you used to perfect it further by making it fall evenly on all sides,
    To tying up my shoe laces,
    To covering me up in a raincoat even in the smallest drizzle,
    To packing up my tiffin Dabba's with my favorite food,
    To buying me Kitkat chocolates and Peppy on a daily basis,
    To staying awake at night when I am running a high fever,
    To swinging and singing me lullabies and load me with stories till I feel asleep,
    To rubbing my tummy when I used to complaint of eating way too much and feel uneasy,
    To buying me chocolates, cakes and ice cream on a random basis,
    To kissing me goodbye everyday you go to office,
    To staying away from me for my future,
    To calling me up every Friday at sharp 7.00pm no matter how busy you are,
    To writing me letters every Monday,
    To giving me goodnight kisses till date.
    No matter how much I have grown up I'll always be your baby girl.
    On this mother's day while everyone is putting up pictures with their mother and thanking them for their efforts of being a Mom,
    I want to take this opportunity to thank you for being a Mother and a Father to me.
    I know the journey has been really difficult for you,
    But someday, I'll prove, it was worth it.
    Happy Mother's day, Daddy.

    With love,
    Your Baby Girl.