• gopzcriz 30w

    It starts wen u think so!!

    Out of beautiful pearl blossoms
    We see only the worn out ones
    Out of a magnificnt tree
    We see only d leaves dt fall
    Out of our lovly life
    We see only our flaws
    Life is beautiful!!
    As a rose is a flower
    Thorns are its striking feature
    A stone gets it's significance
    Only wen it is hammered..
    So is life..
    Each hurt will make u strong..
    It symbolizes u have sumthin to look upon
    To run your race..
    Life.. is beautiful..
    You are not unlucky..
    Bt lucky .. to be in this very world..
    The world may seem dark at n8..
    Bt do remember .. even d moon is der with us..
    Untill d sun paves our way..
    Even nights will pass.
    So ur sorrows..
    You are gifted❤
    You are strong❤
    You are lucky❤
    So we are to get you❤
    Dont loose hope❤
    Ma friend❤
    You ll never know what is waiting for u ..
    Nd you ll never realize what u missed..
    Wen u keep on ponder over..
    I know it hurts
    But everythin will be fine soon!!
    Dat soon is not far enough!!
    Your life is beautiful..
    It starts wen u think so!!