• samah_qundeel 10w

    #heart #melancholy #poetry #mirakee
    This is an ode to my dear heart.

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    My Dear Heart

    Oh dear heart! Why are you melancholy
    I know we've been bruised
    But hold on a little longer
    We have a open field to run
    An open sky to fly
    There are no more chains, Can't you see?
    It's you that's afraid
    The mind has healed
    You will too
    Our soul needs us
    Let people go
    They had to someday
    What good will it do to hold on to a river?
    It will flow anyway
    The beauty in the trees calls us
    The piece of divine in you urges you
    Let it all go
    Come, run with me
    Let's find haven in ourselves
    Let's love ourselves more than we'll love anyone
    More than anyone can love us
    Dear heart! Don't be melancholy
    We've found freedom
    We'll find peace soon