• wendara 5w

    Last day

    The Last day
    Oh! Precious.
    Teeth scattered in air
    Dancing and jumping.
    What a beautiful day today is.
    Tomorrow will be no more.

    #Sage O'fire
    Watch me
    dance like leaves to beats
    of the wind
    my soul rummages for the present
    every hour to me is an happy hour

    Waving and clapping.
    My hand felt ancient.
    Smiling and talking.
    Six feet is a day closer.

    Sage O'fire
    is it just me
    or the essence evolved in my being
    for this joy looks a flash flood
    i will savour it before Mosses raises his rod

    Mummy said to be strong
    But, what I feel is wrong
    Can this all be gone
    I need some rest.

    Sage O'fire
    They said be a man
    hold the fort, act like a dam
    but underneath, my roots trembles
    slowly, the earth welcomes me
    arms and knees

    No pain, no gain.
    I laugh at the overrated quotes.
    Pain or gain.
    I have no interest again.
    I need the earth.

    Sage O'fire
    Alas, the earth is warmer
    than any woman's bossom
    for i have heard, ye must return to the dust
    so then, allow me to grab my duvet
    as i lay in earth's warmth and loving bossom

    Patience and word of God conquers all,
    Maybe all I felt is false.
    Even if no feet stand.
    The life I hate so much
    Is not mine, to start.
    ©Wendara et ©Sage O'fire