• zerathspark 5w


    "Write in no more than a 100 words, about why on what you like."

    The criteria screams with proliferating energy. I knew I had to when i closed my eyes and waltz my way to the edges of mind after BlizzCon reveals today.

    I love creating fun. Who am I kidding. *sobs*

    I always wanted to be a Gamemaster. A Game content designer. I believe, my envision of a better Life, stirs from the cradle of games that are fun inducing.

    Self discoveries kept my monster cancers at bay. Even though right now, working as an IT Engineer of the lowest paygrade and nowhere near my dream as a creator of fantastic games, I lived for this. A life in the virtualverse created by similar others.

    How many Lives have I touched in here up till today? How much more could I have done to rebuild the stolen lives in real life by Power hungry douche bags?

    That was what kept me going for thirty years. As a game player. As a story writer.

    And now, today...

    A survivor.

    I miss our fun in make beliefs today, Dad.

    I love you, three thousand