• aabha7080 5w


    I have heard them talk about wisdom
    They say it's about knowledge
    Some say it comes with age
    Or with the experiences we take
    & Mostly the things we face
    I think it's true what they say

    Although, If you ask me to explain
    I believe in a wisdom, that's different in a way
    It isn't a single word astray
    In my mind, knowledge & age aren't enough anyway
    It's more in relation with the past that was even before yesterday
    And how we let it change us today
    If it still affects your mind & makes you stay
    In a gloomy wind or dancing in a rainy day

    For from what i have faced,
    True wisdom lies in the knowledge
    Not of science or of life as a play,
    But of what to forget & what not to instead
    To choose what stays in your head
    & what in your heart remains..