• boddobodes 9w

    I know it's gloomy now and you feel like you not deserving of love and might have label yourself jinxed,you feel you are not good enough or perhaps your fault for every failed relationship, but dear one, what's important now is you, please let it be.
    when the trials come's knocking, allow your self to feel every pain,when you paint your lips red and take that drive let it be a process of your healing and not a quick antidote to numb the pain, allow yourself to cry, allow yourself to get mad without trying to intervene.you will find out that the pain will gradually go with the flow of time.forcing the pain away will only hurt you further and make it linger. Be determine to live the past at the past and move pass your pain without destorying yourself. And when you pull your car at a hault I hope and pray you find a beautiful place where you can start by loving yourself first for only in loving yourself will you find true love and peace of the mind.

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    No where

    Drape her sexy black dress,
    Paint her lips red,
    Heels on,
    Dark shades on,
    Grab her car keys,
    She play the music loud,
    Off she speeds to no where,
    With tears filled eyes,
    She needs to me somewhere,
    Alone from the pain,
    She screams and cry,
    She needs to let it all out, and let it all go.
    The heart break,
    False promises,
    The feelings of not being enough,
    The fear of insecurities and impefection.
    She needs a quick antidote to numb the pain forever so she kept driving to no where.