• hiralious 23w

    Dear Victim of my Expectations,

    I don't need reassurance from you 24*7. I don't 'unload' all my problems over you. I can solve them myself. But I just have to be sure of you and to be sure requires some emotional bond, right? I do need to hear certain things when I'm not feeling too good about myself. I have to be sure that you won't bolt out when I need you the most. Not always can I fix my problems or myself on things. Neither can you every time. But just give in. At such times I understand there cannot always be mutual assent between us.. but for time being I need to hear words of comfort other than you rashing me out that moment. You can tell me later about where I went wrong or how I could fix it. Later even i would inspect my actions or words, or the problems I'm facing. That time your support would help me regain my senses. That is all I'm saying. I wouldn't go out of line with you, you know that. Not after coming this far and knowing how thing've been. Was that too much to ask for?

    Maybe was.