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    You won't regret reading this��

    Wanna go on adventure,
    Let it be a venture,
    Because in my own thoughts,
    now I'm indentured.

    I'mma girl to whom small things matters,
    If everything batters,
    Having a fragile heart,
    It still doesn't shatters.

    Going long way alone,
    The roads are not known,
    But where my heart is brightly shone,
    The place where I feel my all worries are gone.

    In the beautiful morning
    When I woke up,
    My hand holding a tea cup,
    All I can see out of my window is everywhere greenery,
    The view was heart taking,
    More wonderful than a fantasized scenery.

    Opening the door,
    I smelled petrichor,
    I stepped out barefoot on the grass,
    And it was great way to let my time pass.

    The sun waved me bye,
    Made me feel cry,
    But then,
    The moon said Hi,
    And red turned sky.

    I danced in the dark,
    Around a giant tree bark,
    The cool breathe of nature,
    Giving my mind pleasure,
    Everything there seemed to an awesome creature,
    All this memories became a box of treasure.

    I hope someday,
    Would come my way,
    & Let me say,
    All about my stay,
    When I was too away,
    Peacefully spending my day.

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