• yusrayasin 22w


    She was someone close,
    Someone charming,
    Someone generous.

    She was the rainbow
    In my dark life,
    Who gave me the hope
    To live and survive.

    Without her, it was dingy and pointless.
    With her, it was bright and effortless.

    She made it all easy and charismatic,
    Made me believe it won't be dramatic.

    But one day my rainbow didn't appear,
    Didn't worry for I knew she'd be near.

    Time passed, she never came.
    Feeling worried, searched everywhere.

    Disheartened I returned,
    Found a note on the threshold.

    Couldn't even finish it,
    As the tears had blurred my vision.

    My rainbow would never come,
    For she made her way to the glorious heaven.

    But she promise to be with me all the time,
    As she'll be brightening my day,
    And guiding my life from the sky.

    My dingy life found a new hope,
    'Cause the rainbow in my life was an eternal glow.