• dcgarriott 30w

    Letting go, is a cruel process.
    You will undoubtedly, fight two battles every day.
    You fight, what you know and what you feel.
    What you know, wakes up every day with a strong will to evolve.
    What you feel, burrows deep down into your heart, becoming uncomfortable weights on your heart strings.
    What you know, changes.
    What you feel holds on to hurt.
    It holds on to that belly laugh two weeks ago.
    It holds on to trust, even after it's broken.
    It clings to fear, and criticism.
    What you feel, has held captive, motivation and strangled growth, time and time again.
    Yet, the beauty of what you know is, it will get better.
    You know the grass is green and the sky is blue.
    Just like you know, what you feel, hurts.
    But also, it will get better.
    And one day, just like that.
    What you know is, your okay.
    You know your worth and what you deserve.
    Once you allow what you know, to rest silently apon your pillow at night.
    You will feel peace.