• writerztunes 10w


    Now I see a shrinking piece of imagination
    splintering into distorted figments of a broken sight
    I try to hold it still and read its revelation,
    To look for a meaning , before time robs my Insight

    It's fading so fast; not out of eyes but of the mind,
    So, I race against time, to see what my dream can behold?
    It keeps flickering and the shades of colors oscillating,
    And I storm into it wondering what it unfolds..

    I plead my memory to hold on to that fading dream
    I beg and cry to let it stay for it felt so dear
    While I am still running, to see what it will reveal
    will it put me at ease or knock me with a wound that'll never heal?

    I am aching to salvage a sinking dream
    destined to falter and break in due time
    If i were to reminisce it, how would it play out?
    Did I savor it even before it ended? for it'll be gone by dawn

    I burn my faint memory to remember it one last time,
    And I saw withering wildflowers by the road,
    and I saw crimson smeared on an emerald canvas
    But I felt some invisible weights tugging me down,
    a damp air making deranged faces,
    And some voice in the wild, it was sweet like it was hope.

    I open my eyes and find it gone.
    I hold no memory of what it was, but I am mourning.
    As if something is wrecked deep inside me,
    I mourned as if for a part of me that drowned.
    How do I feel the weight of a lost dream that's buried outside my memory?