• rahul618214 6w

    Never Leave Your Soul Mate
    There are hard to find Now a days

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    You Knock At my Door
    I opened the door with my trembling hands
    Your Essence Touches Me
    I opened it Up Got Your Broken Note only

    Opening it was like I was calling my own Death
    With my Wounded Hands I Opened it up
    Reading each line magnified
    My tears Rolling down my Cheeks

    I realized I never valued you
    Take you as granted
    You were always my soul mate
    Damn I realized it too late

    I run I run To catch you Up
    I used all the forced of my lungs
    To scream your name out
    You Turn towards Me

    Seeing Your downhearted Face
    Makes Me despondent
    I run towards you and Hugs you
    It was never a Unrequited love never

    I was a Imbecile Person
    I never let it happen it Again
    I promise you will never will be ex
    And me as Your Reason of Why