• anushkasinha 35w

    #HappyMothersday to all the #Mothers
    Y'all make us complete and strive for our comfort. We love y'all @mirakeeworld @mirakee @readwriteunite @writersnetwork

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    Happy Mother's day

    You're like a bridge between me and my goals. You're always there to strengthen me enough, to cross that bridge and reach my targets.

    You're like a sunshine to my gloomy life, you're always there to lighten up my mood when I'm sad, even though you don't know the reasons but you try to make me smile.

    You're like a shelter, I find my familiar being when I'm with you. Without your presence there's always a lack of freeness.

    You're my inspiration. This quality of not showing what I've in me, instead doing my own work quietly is from you. Your teachings are worth million.

    You're my sleep after a tiring day's work. You tolerate my annoying moods but you never mind. At the end of the day, you're that sweet mom who'll feed me and hug me tightly.

    You're my kind of super woman. Your life has been a struggle and I want to be like you so that I can make my life easier in my own way.

    You're my mommy. I love you so much, I feel broken and hollow whenever I imagine you leaving me. You're my everything.