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    Music gives soul to all, gives wings to heart, flight to an imagination, gives medicine to every pain, best companion for a person sitting alone. This is a world ignited with beautiful words. Such an art which brings us closer to the tears of joy or sorrow. Music begins, when we are broken or desperate. It's is a scene that can never be silent, it encourages us to go deeper into itself but it can never be described also. It speaks in itself. It forces us to move towards the direction we wanna go. Sometimes it's beneficial for us because it makes us strong for that direction but sometimes its this quality breaks us from the deepest core of our heart. But it has also the solution for the broken ones.
    This is the world that breaks us and also connects.Where negative wave breaks us, it's positive waves also gives us the courage to deal with every difficulty.The melody of music either compels us to go deeper into the love like heaven or hatred like hell. The second name of love which gives us the power to forget our problems and make us feel enjoy on its beats .By the way it's not at all selfish like humans because it harms us but also heals.