• bookaholic_me 31w

    A poem about a city

    A city,
    This is a poem about a city,
    Poem about a city?
    Would it be possible for a heart,

    To put boundaries on emotions,
    And confine them to one city,

    For they say we leave a part of ours,
    But in reality it works both ways,
    For we also take parts of cities too,
    Sometimes in form of soveigners,
    Other times in memories and love,

    In the battle of emotions and reasons,
    Emotions always transcends,

    Each city is a canvass,
    Be it the city we are born in,
    Or the one where we spend life,
    Or the one where we started,
    A whole new life,

    A canvass,
    Half of which is the colours of the city,
    And the other half being,
    Who we become there,
    And how we live,

    For the life be it in any city,
    It is meant to be lived,
    For mere existence is not our destiny,
    We have to create our unique path,
    Amongst all the structures around us,
    For each of us have a unique talent,
    And so should be our path and destiny.