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    Last Autumn I caught her looking wistfully outside the window. Many crisp leaves in crimson hues were falling free and carpeting the floor.
    I asked if there was something on her mind. She said ' I wish I was an autumn leaf '.
    But why so Kate ? Of all the things why do you want that ?
    With a sadness evident from her eyes, she said : Sarah have you ever noticed how things are loved the most when they are on the verge of dying or fading. I want to be loved that way. I want to be looked at that way.

    The next time we met, she was lying in a hospital bed.
    She looked cachexic and dull but she was smiling and seemed happy about something. Forcing a smile back I asked what was it? She said 'Ever since I told Jim about my terminal illness, he has started loving me even more and why shouldn't I be happy about it. He brings me beautiful flowers every day. He spends most of the time reading me Jokes and we laugh more often than before now and most importantly I don't feel neglected at all. See Sarah I have become an autumn leaf I wished for once. I am ready to fall with grace Sarah. '

    I ran out of the room into the corridor, rushed outside the hospital door and bursted in tears. After catching my breath I sat on a nearby bench and I noticed a tree right in front of me full of the auburn leaves. It looked so appealing and catchy. I stared at it for a while silently with Kate's words reverberating in my mind and then I thought these leaves would never get the praise and attention they receive now if they were green always. Kate was right. Watching things end make us want to hold on to them forever. We start loving them more passionately. We care more and we see them more. She was right after all. In the evening I recieved a call from Jim that she was no more and he was crying helplessly. I couldn't say a word in return. I wanted to tell him that Kate would be happy somewhere now.

    That day I got to know that everything in life has a purpose. Every beginning and every end is meaningful.

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