• austnfound 7w

    A mistake will not define a man
    If the man let's it define him
    That's what defines him
    Find who you are
    Know that it's your heart
    Not how well you've loved or lived
    If you let fear of failure conquer you in
    Then to be honest man, you're still just a kid
    And If you feel shame
    Its because you don't know your name

    I'm your friend, who hates when you cry
    So aren't I
    Ought I to feel
    That we're the clouds to the sky
    Ought I to feel
    We're the morning dew layers on grass
    Ought I to feel
    We're the trees who are filters
    For the sun's stream
    Ought I to feel
    That if you were no longer real
    This life would have a hunger
    With you no longer a meal