• nupurgupta 6w


    Those early years,
    Years of no tension,
    Years of delight,
    Years of bright sunlight,
    Candies and jellies were our best friend,
    Roaming in the gang was the new trend,
    Playing,jumping,eating was all to be done,
    nothing untruthful,
    Where every moment was colourful,
    Love was shinchan
    Best innovation was snowman.
    Going to school was a tragedy,
    Playing with the friends happily,
    Waiting for holidays
    With grandparents
    oh!! those Jolly days.
    Those innocent nostalgic days,
    My mommy tells me about it
    Somewhat i also remember a bit,
    That Innocence of mine,
    fearless and reasonless smiles,
    Only math problems triggered
    And rest I always giggled
    Clothes were not a priority
    Full of juvenility.
    Oh that childhood
    Sheltered with motherhood.
    Oh lovely childhood,
    Oh my babyhood.