• uni_sierra 22w

    Dreams dropping dead

    She feels hit on her head and heart...
    Its frozen music all around
    a moving photograph in her heart.
    It’s not a guy this time.
    Something seems seriously wrong
    Something hit her heart..it’s bleeding inside out!
    Never felt such an impact!!!
    Its worst then dropping dead ...
    Her Memories come to life suddenly
    Her dreams r back again...
    from the ashes; from the dead
    But, Motionless is the fire
    now that she s lying on her bed...
    It’s frozen. Past, future and present...
    The eyes flutter, expressionless
    Secrets come unshaped
    Truth meets with the facts!!!
    Dreams to her become what they really are
    a succession of images, passing through her mind saying she
    never tried...
    Honest words lies in dark
    her voice, whispers riddles,
    reminding her failure is better then not trying!