• __pratik_ 45w


    Once you were the flower being whose petals I bloomed!
    Once you were the spring being whose birds I sang!
    Once you were the Moon and I the lyricist who sung in its tune.
    Thinking about you the days once passed by.

    We happened to be together for long.
    When my heart changed gears at your sight every dawn!
    Talking to you was for me a victorious ground
    And holding your hands I felt my golden crown!

    But once and now that once have been captured by time since long.
    Now in your presence I don't even sigh.
    I saw you that day but No-
    No, my adrenalines have rushed not yet
    Neither have I blushed with that frantic hay!

    That day I was holding my mind
    When you left me on a clear midnight.
    The stars lost their grip, the light got sucked in vacuum..
    And suddenly I was upto a moonless sky.

    Shredding my tears I cried
    Emptying the bottles I lied.
    Once! You were mine and Now?
    I don't feel anything at your sight!!!