• sumipaul 36w

    Colour blind

    I bear you beneth my bosom, your freshness smells of chopped green mint on the kitchen board..
    Happiness fly over luminous silver verandah
    Sheila, your laughter is nothing ceraphic and yellow, it's copper with a grunt coming from the deep gut
    You don't like sea during dog days but just before the rain when it roars and rages and the sky is in its dark hues
    Your silver howl at the sea speak of burnt letters from childhood
    Sheila, your eyes are nothing bonnie and hazel
    for poets to write lines, it's deep shade of purple it seeks the pain of my soul, the apathy..
    All the blue or red that make you a vision, you paint them black and grey, 
    they remind of life and death..
    you remind me of something uncomfortable...
    Everytime I seize you under the evening sun
    You remind me of all the reasons men lived for...