• moonlight_ezy 23w


    I stand here amongst all the rain.
    Amongst all the what if' s, and all the doubt.
    I stand here alone, yet surrounded by wounded hearts.
    Hearts like yours and mine.
    Hearts that through time have been shattered as they all attempted to reach the one that would make them whole.
    Hearts that with each raindrop fade as if their last moments are about to come.
    Hearts whose beats only sing for one thing; true love.
    I stand here in the rain, soaking up all the pain, taking in every emotion in vain.
    I stand here amongst the rain, alone and cold as I watch others become whole.
    I stand here and somewhere I know you also stand, waiting for my heart to invite you to me, and to tie you to me just as much as I want you to make me complete.
    I stand in rain.