• hardik_rathod 5w

    damn, I spend my whole day just to think what should I do, am I really good? am I really not worthy? yes, I'm a failure, I can't even stop my fingers as they are acting their own, so many months has been passed but, still there are lot of questions in my mind to discuss, isn't good frd supposed to be there in your worst, isn't good frd supposed to help, how can you overcome problems without discussing over it, in place of running away can't you just came and slap me instead for misbehaving, it hurts, but I'll endure it, cause minor scratch nothing compare to deep wounds, I really hate that way you pick, I don't even know what will going to happen after you read it, just want confess it loudly, I really want to scream, can't I get an old buddy, there are really a lot of stuff to share,

    (The same day I confess something in past, the only thing changed is year, and it's fine to have good frd, isn't it)