• deepakpathania 5w


    Smaller the form like an element,
    Bigger the memory,
    Bigger the purpose,
    Can exist in multiple times,
    Infinite time of existence,
    Free from the cycle of life and death,
    Smaller is simplicity,
    Easy to work together,
    It's a true democracy,
    Yet there is corruption,
    Due to diminishing memories,
    Raised by working together,
    We can call it complexity,
    Giving rise to bigger forms
    Like the form of a human,
    Smaller the memory,
    Smaller the purpose,
    Does not know,
    If this is the first or last he's dead or alive,
    Breathing for a limited time,
    Our thoughts made from understanding,
    Within almost no time,
    The rudimentary purpose,
    Which we try to define,
    Then I understand,
    We are just seasonal flowers,
    With different colors, cast and creeds,
    Breeding into different forms,
    With a small purpose,
    Just to leave the smile,
    Heart full of joy,
    For these visitors to see,
    Who are small forms like an elements,
    With bigger the memory,
    And bigger the purpose,
    And we are just their leisure time activity