• poetrywithpassion1 30w


    The gods are fast asleep
    Buried amongst the thigh of harlots
    They were fed with her juices
    Little wonder their mouth discard peace

    We built our trust in them as innocents
    We forgot they are humans with 2 face

    Our gods now feeds from the grains of stolen fields
    The same way they drink from a stagnant stream
    We chant the pains of our bodies in their presence
    But to fuck us yet Again is their interest

    We burn from within
    We have suffered from this treat
    Yet you declare ethnicity
    That you may buy your continuity

    Do you hear the voices of the Dead
    Crying far away into hell
    They bear ripped fruits unharvested
    These were the hands that pushed you to the parliament

    Zamfara lost the love of his heart. Gusau
    Just as makurdi plans to divorce Benue
    Many brides now plans to zoom
    For they no longer feel secured with their groom
    Yet, I'll fuck them again is your tune

    Kuti Israel Ifeoluwa