• chandraditya 6w

    Episode 16

    Next day , when Yash woke up , the first thought that stroke his head was that Srija was not going to come to school. He was not going to see her for that whole DAY!! It seemed an impossible task for him. He was quite reluctant to go to school that day.
    (In school)
    "Hey Yash. What's up dude?? We are getting many new news of blossom in your life." Said Rajiv with a light of happiness.
    Yash blushed.
    "You have cleared my way." Said Rajiv .
    "Why bro? I have only loved Srija. How is it related to your life's path??".
    "I think you are aware of the fact that Srija used to love me."
    " Ya. She used to tell me every moment about you."
    "Hm. I don't like that girl. It used to disturb me. But now you are their with her. She would not disturb me again."
    "Ya. We love each other very intensely."
    Rajiv gave Yash an unexpected hug.
    The whole day he was missing her a lot. In the recess period Yash was not lively at all. He was missing her presence. A friend Sourabh came and asked
    " Missing Srija?"
    " Everyone is getting their love and I am left here alone. Even after 5 years of struggle I am not getting Sakshi."
    Yash gave a grave look to him.
    Love isn't that easy to occur. It takes time, commitment, patience and respect . But then also we have to depend on something known as Fate.
    (To be continued)