• itishree_sahoo 5w

    I am wide awake
    Laying in my bed
    Thinking you don't need me
    It's not clear what I see
    But Still I am hoping "May be"
    Or May be I am living in future
    Or I will meet you sooner
    Or just let it be,
    Let me the girl that you need
    I know this is kind of fooling myself
    May be I can have you in the end
    I am just waiting for the right time
    I will say just don't go away
    With all guts, I will say
    Now just don't leave
    I need you more than I think
    You are the right person,
    So stay by my side
    I hope , with one smile
    You will grab me
    and hold me tight
    You will say Yes and Yes
    This is the right time
    I want to stay
    I will love you more and more
    I will never ever let you go