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    Exploratory Research Design :-

    The Exploratory Research Design is known as formulative research design.

    The main objective of using such a research design is to formulate a research problem for an in-depth or more precise investigation, or for developing a working hypothesis from an operational aspect.

    The major purpose of such studies is the discovery of ideas and insights. Therefore, such a research design suitable for such a study should be flexible enough to provide opportunity for considering different dimensions of the problem under study.

    The in-built flexibility in research design is required as the initial research problem would be transformed into a more precise one in the exploratory study, which in turn may necessitate changes in the research procedure for collecting relevant data.

    Usually, the following three methods are considered in the context of a research design for such studies. They are
    (a) a survey of related literature
    (b) experience survey
    (c) analysis of ‘insight-stimulating’ instances.