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    Have u ever had the misfortune to come across a narcissistic, cheater of a lover ?
    They put up the greatest show of their love for you ,which is actually directed at themselves in a very convincing manner. You being naive and new to this species cannot tell the indirect manipulation at play. But somehow every fight ends up with you apologising for something you never did. Every wrong is somehow your fault. Every mistake is very conveniently made by you. You might catch him doing something shady but its so expertly turned back on you , you forget they were wrong to begin with. You find making amends all the time and eventually its exhausting to a point where you feel nothing you do is good enough to make them happy. They make you feel as though you are incapable for making anyone happy. They punish you and you feel you deserved it.
    And who feeds you this guilt??? 
    This is the worst kind of abuse one suffers from because the signs are not visible and its never a simple obvious red flag
    Please open your eye and re evaluate, you deserve better , you are enough, a thousand times enough !

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    Even if I made a mistake,
    Who are you to make me pay?