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    #Rob Thomas

    I recently heard the singer/writer Rob Thomas Chip Tooth Smile album which lead me to listen to more of his solo work and his vocals with Matchbox Twenty. He had many songs I grooved or connected with which inspired me to think what if he wrote a song for me. This piece uses different titles of some of his songs other likewise admirers will get.

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    Rob Thomas’ Poem

    Rob, would you
    write a song for me,
    if my name doesn’t end with
    your surname Thomas?

    Would you
    write an old fashion lullaby,
    if I was living in a Matchbox
    with twenty mockingbirds?

    Would you
    write me a mournful ballad
    if my tears fell as clear silver
    like her diamonds on the floor?

    Would you
    write an oldie piece for me,
    if I was fallin’ to pieces while
    trying to outrun my shadow?

    Would you
    write a tune for me,
    if I ran a marathon early in morning
    racing against myself at 3am?

    if you write my life theme song,
    will your heartache ends after
    I stopped writing these verses?

    Will you instead say
    “I’m silly”
    in your smooth way,
    that I’m a problem girl
    with nothing better to do
    than bother you.

    Maybe you’ll finally realize
    I am an illusion in search
    of a street corner symphony.

    Oh, my my, my
    how will you compose my song
    if you never read my words
    before it added to
    the great unknown of
    random fan letters?