• druzma 36w

    How to Justify ?

    I m astonished
    How did You finished
    My everything
    In just a blink

    You gave me life
    You gave me wife
    She became a necessity
    We lived life happily

    But now ....
    I mean , how ?
    How can I make a choice
    Oh !!! I can't bear this noise

    They r asking me
    Newborn or she ?
    Tell me baby
    Whom shall I leave

    I can't lose you
    No mtr , what I hv to pass thru
    But I m completely broken ,dear
    cz , for both of u , I do care

    I've no idea , my dear
    I m just full of fear
    My eyes are deserted
    n My heart badly hurted

    I know ultimately
    I'll be choosing thee
    But I m afraid
    Of this night to fade

    Cz tomorrow...
    Will b full of sorrow
    Oh !!! when u'll open ur eyes
    How , ol this , I'll justify ...