• salislawal99 10w

    The Loudest I have ever shouted in my whole life like a soldier at war but the crowd,that’s his hand won’t let anyone hear my loudest voice,crying so slowly it felt like removing acid from my eyes, you have not been inside a coffin before so you won’t know I was feeling at that time
    I felt so confused as to who I was. I found it hard to find myself and know myself because I didn’t know how to control my mind. I knew it was over when I felt force and pain in my spirit, I asked myself what I did to deserve such pain, I was just an innocent 14 year old girl with no parents.
    Oh man why will you do this to me,why me,why? I was totally powerless and at the same time scared, he didn’t just break my virginity he broke my heart and soul.
    At that point I knew what I wanted and that was justice but I didn’t know how to get it. I am a spiritual thinker,someone who thinks outside the box,outside the world for that matter, I see things differently at a much advanced way to be precise but the system is against me because of my gender but I didn’t allow that hold me back not for a second.
    I told myself your mind is way more powerful than you think it is,but only one person can control it which is me and I voiced out my story to the world until I got justice.