• scarecrow 10w

    You are all you have

    "You are all you have". Something that I used to tell myself when I was knee deep in the quicksand of pain. I forgot it over time, as you do when you meet people wrapped in promises of forever and 'I love you' at the tip of their tongue, people who soften your jarred edges with love and laughter and welcome you into their arms, and heart, until you no longer believe that you're alone.

    But words are just words at the end of the day.

    As much as you want to believe others, in the faith that shines in their eyes and in the strength of their hands to hold you together - they'll still let you down. It's not because they weren't kind, or gentle, or soft with your heart, but because you dependent too much on them.

    Other people can't make you a whole person.

    No matter how much they love you. They will say or do something that will pound like a heavy punch inside your chest. And it will hurt. Deeply. Horribly. But that's when you need to remember the most important lesson that you learned from all those years before.

    "You are all you have". I tell myself now, knee deep in the ocean of happiness. Because no matter who comes along and who leaves, I will all that I have at the end.